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Databases & SQL – Introduction Course for Oracle SQL

Databases & SQL - Introduction Course for Oracle SQL
Databases & SQL - Introduction Course for Oracle SQL

Databases & SQL – Introduction Course for Oracle SQL

Theoretical aspects about Databases and SQL programming language

What you’ll learn

Databases & SQL – Introduction Course for Oracle SQL

  • Database theory
  • Fundamentals: data types, operators, SQL commands
  • Queries and Joins
  • Single-row and group functions
  • Views and Triggers
  • Functions and Going through hierarchical structures


  • There are no requirements, this course represents a starting point of your database programming journey
  • I recommend this course as the first contact with databases or programming
  • By taking this course on a laptop or PC you could install SQL Developer and solve the exercises on your own (tutorial in the course)


The course is intended for students and employees who want to start working in the field of Database Development, Data Analysis, and Business Intelligence. This course will show you the basic theoretical concepts of databases, but also explain the SQL language concepts one by one.

I graduated from the Faculty of Economic Informatics and the Master of Business Support Databases from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and I have over 4 years of professional experience in this field, so I know several database technologies, but for this course, I decided to focus on the Oracle technology.

I will talk about the theoretical aspects, the conceptual scheme of databases, queries, DDL and DML language, functions, operators, and other database objects (views, triggers, etc.). All these concepts represent the foundation of a database developer, and if you master them, it will be very easy for you to learn other technologies and other functionalities.

Throughout the course, I will propose some practical exercises, so that at the end of the course you will be able to design, develop, query, and maintain an Oracle database, regardless of its size. I have also included some files with exercises that you can do on your own. The exercises have low difficulty and are meant to prepare you for the next advanced SQL courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to start learning to program
  • Anyone wanting to start learning about databases and SQL
  • Last updated 3/2021

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