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DevOps Tutorials – Learn DevOps For Free – Free Course Site – As an IT security analyst, vulnerability analyst, or threat intelligence analyst, earning the intermediate CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification shows that you have the skills needed to protect your organization from a variety of cybersecurity threats. In this course—the sixth installment in the CySA+ Cert Prep series—review key security tools and practices that can prepare you for the final portion of domain four, Security Architecture and Tool Sets. Learn how to design secure networks, use cryptography to keep information safe, and use security best practices in the software development lifecycle. He also goes over best practices for secure coding, shares how to defend against top software security threats, and more.
Topics include:

Defense in depth
Separation of duties and responsibilities
Designing secure networks
VLANs and network segmentation
Goals of cryptography
Choosing encryption algorithms
Integrating security in the software development lifecycle
Software assessment and testing
Code reviews and code tests

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